1.5 billion Gmail users accounts are at risk: as per Kaspersky

1.5 billion Gmail users accounts are at risk: as per Kaspersky

In the latest development, hacking attempts were made to target nearly 1.5 billion Google service users. Hackers are trying to target users of popular Google services to steal their login credentials.

Security researchers working at Kaspersky believe that hackers are targeting Google users through a credential stealing attack. Gmail and Google Calendar users are receiving anonymous notifications that include a link to a phishing URL. On clicking the link, the users are getting redirected to malicious websites from where user credit card credentials are stolen.

According to a report by Kaspersky, the problem lies with Google Calendar’s feature that allows hackers to create an event and send automatic notifications to Google users.

The cyber attackers have been using this technique to spam users with phishing links to credential stealing sites. The attackers encourage users to provide bank account or credit card details. This is beyond normal phishing attacks, it opens a whole host of social engineering attacks.

Kaspersky advises users to turn off the automatic adding of calendar invitations. You can find the option in ‘Event Settings’ menu in Google Calendar. You can disable automatic invitation adding option by enabling ‘only show invitations to which I’ve responded’.

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